The gallery inspires people for possibilities of what they can do as well as being a wonderful place to shop.  Experience the beauty of pastel paintings by Arne Kvaalen, beautifully created watercolors by Rena Brouwer , unique photographes by Al Knight, fused glass wall art by Mike Byers, oils by Kathryn Clark just to name a few. You might see colors in a painting that work well together in the next piece that you’re creating, whether it be a simple bead or an intricate vessel.

The gallery is always a changing metamorphsis.  Enjoy the shimmering glass art of over 30 artists ranging from Lisa Pelo in furnace glass to Deborah Waymire in jewelry. Also featuring Yuri Okamoto, Michael Zachy, a few international pieces from Thomas Mueller Litz and Lucio Bubacco and even a couple of collectible paperweights from Paul Stankard.

All of our pieces are hand made by artists (not in mass production), each piece is unique and and one-of-a-kind.  We offer a wide price range from 25 cents on up, we even can provide an easy payment plan for those must have items that might strain the budget. If you’re gift shopping, we save you time and money with our free gift wrap service, just let us know and we can take care of your special item.

Help us welcome a few new artists to our gallery:

If you are interested in purchasing items online please contact us via e-mail at or via phone 765-474-1981 Tues-Fri from 10-5 pm.